About Me

Born and bred in Jakarta Indonesia, I am a very keen and outgoing Application Developer, Database Programmer, System Analyst, Graphic Designer. I like to put it this way because I see myself as a very well rounded developer.

I am a very active type of guy, I love to get involved and I love working with like minded people.

For the best part of four years I have spent travelling Island of Java, I have lived and worked in Jakarta.
Some of the sorts of things I like to do when I’m not looking at a computer screen include traveling, war-gaming, playing video games, exercising at the gym, listening to music and cooking.

Primary Email / GTalk / Facebook: pradita(dot)utama(at)gmail(dot)com
Yahoo! Messenger: pradita_utama2002(at)yahoo(dot)com
Google+ : gplus.to/PraditaUtama


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